Swear words are so boring nowadays

Now we’re used to hearing “fuck” and “shit”
What words can we use to let off steam?
Oh, what a twit omitting words like “twat”
However will I have erotic dreams?

Few words are forbidden in our books
Little children learn to swear and scream
On the television, some won’t look
As words like this flow out in lengthy streams

Lady Chatterley, you were the cause
But what will be the affect and effect?
Lawrence, you were eager to enjoy
But who could know what others might detect?

I think I shall say ” sorry” when I rage
Would “lies and curses” draw more to my page?

In her uncertainty

Ways of thinking about literature made the writer’s muse smile
She didn’t like nuns and dog’s breakfasts
Her teacher at school became confusingly unchangeable.
She wasn’t sharing so we heard bells toll,
What to read and what to shirk she dismayed us in her uncertainty;
books matter;
even that we revolved slowly in some planetary action for human salutations
This remade powerfully—the way to live;
to live improperly was to read art works
with the eyea of eagles
they affected me,and ironised other ways of seeing
the ambitions of over-arching theory and hence our being.
I was educated to love with all my heart