Everybody shares

Joe Biden at his son’s funeral from the Guardian Newsaper

She kept a SIM card in her vest
It kept warm against her chest
But if she put her smart phone there
Its ringing sound would curl men’s hair
Every body stares

How much does a SIM card know
As the numbers go by slow
Is it proof you are a thief
If you hide it in your briefs?
Noone even cares

What a peaceful world it was
Just the radio and God
No landline phone,no TV set
Wilfred Pickles, what no net?
Never cared to dare

Playing rounders in the road
Helping mother with her load
Learning how to stitch a hem
Buttons that came off now and then
Just another year

Now it’s USB cords fine
Sign yourself up , wi fi time
Get connected to someone
From Palestine to Wellington
Photos are the lure

Time has shrunk, our posts impinge
Messages and twenty rings
I have three phones in my bag
One for mother, one for dad
They are dead but I ain’t sad
It’s much worse,I’m going mad.
Oh,everybody shares