Imagined into being by the Mass

Down the kitchen  stairs they carried you
Two men were enough, the coffin crew
I wanted to take off the lid to see
If Daddy was  asleep. had not left me

Mute and frozen I stood  like a stone
In this the place we  loved and made a home
We knelt down by the fire to say night prayers
The flames  stood up like  fingers  in  the air

The soot fell down, we had a little brush
To sweep the ash,remains of  forests crushed.
Later grand-dad died , my brothers  pale
Carried  his dear coffin down the aisle

 Imagined  into being by the Mass
Jesus whispered   when the storm   had passed

My morning curse

Boris Johnson combed his hair today
I knelt down and said my morning prayers
Then I saw that Trump is even worse
I knelt down and made my morning curse

Why do we put trust in men who lie
Who tweet at night and out the sentence flies
Insomniacs are better reading books
Or wondering how their bulbs are going to look

I have many books inside my head
Who takes them out when I feel I am dead?
All the fantasies not yet fulfilled
And the pile of umpteen unpaid bills

It’s hard to prepare one’sself for sudden death
My advice is not to lose your breath

I picked his brains

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I picked his brains…
Oh, was there a large choice?

I am picking my daughter up at the Station
Why, does she weigh less there?

I can’t decide between the Isle of Man & the Isle of Wight
I suggest the Isle of Purbeck
I’ve never heard of it
Well, you have now

I decided on the Menu
Stop trampling my cards.

My husband was very infectious
With what?

I must amuse myself
I’d like to amuse you
By trying to make love
But you’re a cripple
Yes, that is why it amuses people
You mean you’ve done it before
I am 85 so it would be odd if I had never done it before
Even odder if you did it now with your arthritis and your
weak heart
At least I’d die laughing.

I tried to read his mind
Do you have special spectacles?
No, just a special imagination

I saw him kissing a woman at the Station
Maybe the hotels were all full

I committed adultery three times
I expected better of you
Well,I am sure I can do it 20 times given time
As long as you are not doing time

You are the most handsome man I’ve never seen

Don’t make a scene
How about a Heard?
What of, cows?
I can’t hear you
Come closer
I don’t know what you think I am.But I’m not

Shall we eat in bed?
As long as we don’t have to sleep on the Table
More so if it is log table
I was afraid of that book of tables
Could you not understand?
Yes,I not understand very well.I got degree in it
Wow, you must be clever
I just don’t understand anything