I picked his brains

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I picked his brains…
Oh, was there a large choice?

I am picking my daughter up at the Station
Why, does she weigh less there?

I can’t decide between the Isle of Man & the Isle of Wight
I suggest the Isle of Purbeck
I’ve never heard of it
Well, you have now

I decided on the Menu
Stop trampling my cards.

My husband was very infectious
With what?

I must amuse myself
I’d like to amuse you
By trying to make love
But you’re a cripple
Yes, that is why it amuses people
You mean you’ve done it before
I am 85 so it would be odd if I had never done it before
Even odder if you did it now with your arthritis and your
weak heart
At least I’d die laughing.

I tried to read his mind
Do you have special spectacles?
No, just a special imagination

I saw him kissing a woman at the Station
Maybe the hotels were all full

I committed adultery three times
I expected better of you
Well,I am sure I can do it 20 times given time
As long as you are not doing time

You are the most handsome man I’ve never seen

Don’t make a scene
How about a Heard?
What of, cows?
I can’t hear you
Come closer
I don’t know what you think I am.But I’m not

Shall we eat in bed?
As long as we don’t have to sleep on the Table
More so if it is log table
I was afraid of that book of tables
Could you not understand?
Yes,I not understand very well.I got degree in it
Wow, you must be clever
I just don’t understand anything


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