Owls surprise

Photo by Francesco De tommaso on Pexels.com

Look without and see the claret sky
The sun is falling like Greek wine tonight
As sparrows hide in holly,safe from eyes

We need protection till our minds sublime
Into dusty corners shine their lights
Look without and see the curious sky

Tell your heart, your truth, though others lie
Seem rewarded with both cash and spite
Oh, sparrows hide in holly, leaves awry

A man is called an emperor , yet he dies
Look without and see the fatal signs
The sky is turning panic to delight

At last, philosopher, the silence sighs
Throw away the your thoughts, cold or benign
As sparrow safe in holly, shut their eyes

The hawk may soar across the sacred lines
Where patterns of complexity arise
Look without and see the open sky
When sparrows rest in holly, owls surprise

Mary and the alarm clock

Mary sat brooding in her armchair, while Emile slumbered by the red hot fire
How can I be sure to waken up tomorrow in time for my Podiatry visit? she pondered
I am used to waking early, but you never know,she told herself
When she went to bed, carryin a flask of English Breakfast Tea she picked up her alarm
clock but the battery was missing yet again
Never mind, she thought.I shall use my phone instead as she put on her long nightdress and
a wool jumper full of holes
How fortunate that I can wear old clothes in bed rather than seductive satin lingerie, she thought
They are usually polyester and that’s not warm.Though no doubt if it is very seductive you will soon get hot unless
your mate works nights down a coal mine.Then, why would a woman wear it?
Does it mean she has a lover living near by, perhaps next door?
We can only wonder
why women must suffer not only this but stiletto heels and blow dries
She put the flask of tea down and got into her cosy bed.
Alas, Mary was still anxious about the alarm
I’ll go downstairs and get the kitchen clock, she decided.She struggled out of bed and fetched the blue clock upstairs where it was agreeable to being used
I really do need Stan to come back so he could resume waking me when he brought me some tea at 8 am each morni
Shall I put an advert online<
Very thoughtful, anxious kind & gentle lady mathematician, good at cooking and boiling hankies needs a kind well read man as a partner.Must get up early to make tea and filter the News
Preferably a man from Tyneside or similar area
Please phone 0207 ccctheo or email iamme78@ymail,com
She set her spare phone and the clock then fell asleep.
She dreamed she was in a rowing boat on Lake Windermere with her first boyfriend who looked as attractive as ever
Come and give me a kiss, he ordered he
But surely it is dangerous to make love in a rowing boat, she remarked wonderingly
Yes, we might fall out but I can swim
But I can’t, she said.Are you hoping I will drown?
Don’t be so anxious.The Mountain Rescue Team will come and help
We’re not on a mountain, she retorded.Anyway I don’t love you anymore
Why not, he asked angrily?
I went off you because you never read a book and always chose the films we saw.
Did that matter?

There you are,you didn’t even ask me if I liked James Bond.You must be an egoist
His eyes glared angrily.Why did you not tell me, he asked
Should a man need to be told to please a potential girl friend?
I suppose not, he answered,Please forgive me.He leaned over to kiss her
but just then all the alarms went off,It was morning,,
How nice to have a cup of tea while trying to remember one’s name and date of birth
And to forget the worst boyfriend ever
At least he never hit me, she exclaimed

And so say all of us