To beauty

A silver tear rolled lonely as sliced moon
Down my pallid cheek  to wet my lip
Your loss turned me to sadness and damp gloom

My future  seemed, not promising, but doomed
The icy nails of death gave me a nip
A little tear rolled lonely as lost moons

Yet, in my mind, I heard L Cohen’s tunes
“There ain’t no cure for love” on this our trip
Your loss turned me to sadness ,clouds of gloom

Yet soft, deep darkness  need not lead to doom
Come,I’ll take a lover, board a ship
A starry tear rolled lonely as   new moon

I will  love, I ‘ll seek  for new  hope soon
Will I descend to stealing from a skip?
Your loss sent me to sadness like a room

I  need no LSD to take a trip
My open senses give me what I miss
A silver tear rolled lonely as cruel moon
Your loss turned me to beauty, life resumes

What is the sense of death?

As I writer I have been sentenced to death after 50 years
In future I’ll use phrases
Also I am censored to death so my novels don’t make sense
Do sense my feelings and be kinder to me
I feel like a soporific
With tea, bread and butter?
The sensation of love is a distraction when doing partial differential equations.
Why am I doing them?
They are better than Su Doku