And my mind

When I came in from my flu jab,
I put my red zipped bag onto a cardboard box
Which is full of kitchen towels and de facto is a table
I put the lights on
I put the kettle on
I took my coat off
I took my little phone bag off
I changed my spectacles
And my mind

So now I am writing it down
I write my name and “Diary Private
Then another is “Diary Public” but so not a convenience
I there, I have a lover and another lover
Five divorced partners
And the names of my fantasy cats
Whom I have never seen
I make some tea
I pass no water without testing it
With my left foot
I look out of the window
See the light of the sun

I sit down with the Radio Times
The tea
My dreams
My conscience
My unconscious
My lips open

I drink the tea
I pass water but do not swim

I welcome comments and criticism

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