A white petal

Hailstones rush sideways,
striking the windows
with small fierce blows.
In the gaps between
two white butterflies zig zag
like motorized wild flowers;
One colour,two forms. I see now
two aspects of Nature:
frail and delicate.
Both are coloured the same white.
Hard to tell sometimes which we are seeing
But we can all distinguish between a gentle touch
and a bitter blow.
As the day dips into night my heart falls too.
In these dreams I look for the lost
in the snowy steppes and the ice of my own heart.
A white petal falls.
Cherry trees bloom again

Russia in love.

The tiny colours knew

On the bank, the flowers so wild would grow
And butterflies like mobs of petals flew
Flittered ,fluttered like large flakes of snow

We walked up from the path, seen down below
The coloured petals shook, the sky was blue
On the bank, the flowers so wild will grow

Oh,love,my love, it seems so long ago
You held my hand and smiled it seemed so new
It made our bed as do large flakes of snow

I never saw such butterflies before
The foxgloves and the daisies shook in glee
On the bank, those flowers so wild will grow

The wonders of the world have pedigrees
But mystic hearts see light without degrees.
Again, again, the colours fall like dew
Flitter ,flutter like bright flakes of snow


Dignity’s not valued,nor is thought
Courtesy replaced by free for all
Virtue is outdated, love is bought

Desires fulfilled too fast deter the poet
Mobs are crowds set free , then riots call
Dignity’s not valued,where is thought

Caught up in these traps,I cannot write
The loudness and contempt are nets that trawl
Virtue is outdated,love is bought

Where is love, where hate, why now untaught
While priests and bishops court their own downfall
Dignity’s not valued,nor is thought

In our new society, hate smiles
Grab the money. stocks like eggs shall fall
Virtue is negated,love is bought

By the door abandoned babies wail
Dogs’ eyes sad rebuke our fairy tales
Dignity’s not valued,nor is thought
Virtue is negated, man debates