When I saw with no intent to look

I love Picasso, it’s his line,you know
How he evokes the movement fast or slow
The sundered parts arranged in a new form
The image still and yet depicting storms

The unexpecting vision threw me down
My mind was blown and I lay on the ground
I heard no sound except for music lite
For I was in a shop,not an art site

I did not think I’d see great art in there
My fences bypassed by such beauty bare
The light of art burns into human souls
May shatter or fragment, create new wholes

Noone ever knew the blow I took
When I saw with no intent to look

The angst and joy of life

The clock electric does not need to tick
The seconds pass unheard by any ear
If you watch, the hands don’t seem to move
Eternal is the memory of love

So my life is passing as I write
I see the seconds hand move fast as light
The memories stored inside my brain,my mind
Will influence all I do, will make designs

When this my heart stops ticking like a clock
The cells of all my body run amok
Who will mourn for me when I am gone?
The angst and joy of life will soon be done

The golden numbers move in patterns bright
The sun defeats the ogres of the night

Humour in the gloomer


Titles of online articles I have seen [I have not read them ]

Why your organs shrink at menopause and what you can do about it
Do we want to expand them?

How to handle things.[what sort of things?_]

Why or how your finger length reveals your gender [Surely easier just to look at the bosom/ chest?}

Which microwave to buy [Making unstated assumptions;some of us either have none or may have stolen one]

Why you need both metal and silicon whisks [I thought it was breasts just for a moment; now there’s an idea]

Why you need to keep lots of frozen pasta in your kitchen [Try turning off the radiator first and checking the ovens]

Which six cookery books are the best? [Look up restaurants on your smartphone instead] I wonder how many this person has checked.I find ones written for catering colleges are better and cheaper.

Why you should never take a bath
[I find a handbag is quite sufficient in the daytime].

How to entertain at home. [Fall out of bed?]

How to keep your husband happy [Freeze him? Cuddle him? Leave him.Remarry him

Why you should never forget your wedding anniversary
I didn’t know one could

How to have the best number of children

[ Yes, it’s all under our total control]

How to keep your teeth super clean [Stop eating and die?]

Are you bored of sex? [No,I’m bored of reading about it]

How to cure loneliness. [Buy a microwave and some cookery books then invite someone round for a meal]

How to get your bounce back [Buy a dunlopillo mattress?]

Should you take vitamins? [Where to?]

Can you still remember your name [ yes, but I won’t tell you]