An electric bore

How may electrons are there in my eye?
Why does air wave?
Why am I so sea sick on
By whom am I enlightened?
Can I see an electron with a microscope?
Can an electron survive alone?
How many electrons can dance on a angel’s finger?
Why would an angel sit on a pin?
Why can’t I ?
Nobody is anyone
I am nothing with spaces here and there

Why do we make up our minds?
How far can my mind wander?
Can it be in my toes?

The joy of hell

Any further mortal sins today?
Yes,I stole a sweet from mother’s tin
So I’m bound for hell,it will be fun
With the jolly failures out at play

The good are tense as metal strings unplayed
They feel the awful burden on their feet
As they stumble up the cobbled street
They look too pale, their hearts have run astray

Hell or Heaven,Evil,right and wrong
Goodness, here’s the Devil with his prongs
He looks amused the danger is his fangs
Here upon the
table are his plans

If to you embodiment’s a sin
Jump into that big recycling bin