We still stand on shifting sands

We walked on sea shores with our mates
Though wide  oceana separate
Now we’re abandoned on the  shores
By  the loves we’ll see no more

We  still stand on shifting  sands
Expecting , needing, helping hands
But most people walk on by
And we’re too afraid to cry

Lost in places we once knew
But recognised by  very few
Our eyes  look out but do not see
Filled by tears we can’t set free

Shall we stay here evermore
Hoping lovers we adored
Are on their way back to their home
As slowly, sadly, we still roam?

The  sturdy walls that bear the sky
Have been shattered from on high
And  feeling smaller than the snails
We hear the long lost sea winds wail

Oh, weep for  him and me, wide seas
Embrace  our souls  in   your salt breeze
See the  crushed and broken shells
Hear the tolling of the bells

In order to begin we have to part

In order to begin,we have to start
Put a wary foot onto the soil
From what we want to keep, from that we part

Pulsating with strong feeling is the heart
Even while we sleep our body toils
In order to begin,we have to start

Every artist needs to do their work
Letting colours mingle well with oil
From what we want to keep, from that we part

Can one cling to patterns to gain worth?
Ask me if the kettle wants to boil
In order to begin,we have to start

Stepping in the furrows of dark earth
See the worms and beetles to it loyal
From what we want to keep, from that we part

Even ants and wasps.I deem as royal
Block the liars with their self hating bile
In order to begin,we have to start
To what we want to make we give our hearts

A & E: do not go with the below

Your false nails won’t come off

You have superglued your pen to your thumb

Your self hair cutting went wrong

You broke a finger nail

You have a  cold.

Your hair roller has got stuck in your thick hair.

You  have run out  of elastoplast or aspirins.

You feel bored.

The library is shut

You like that tea they sell in robotic machines.

Your toe nails are dirty and you lost the nail brush.

You   have no stamps and you need to post a letter

You want a pregnancy test.

You want to get pregant

You have no condoms at home.

You have lost your nail file or comb.

Your cat is ill and the vet is shut

You like eying up nurses.. remember a  lot are now men,anyway… so ladies…No!

You had a row with your wife and are trying to frighten her by pretending to have chest pains.

It’s a cheap day out [ but not for the NHS]

Remember it’s for EMERGENCIES

It costs  on average £1400 per person per visit