In my sorrow for your pain

I’m in sorrow for your pain
For the sharp wounds to your heart
I sense you’re suffering once again

I don’t know why you feel ashamed
When you’re vulnerable all wounds smart
I’m in sorrow for your pain

As we clutch our crutches in the rain
With no maps and fewer charts
I know your suffering’s here again

Take my mac, but not the blame
One day this grief will be less sharp
I’m in sorrow for your pain

I grieve alongside in these rhymes
I pray your heart will not be warped
In my sorrow for your pain

Oh, the statistics , graphs and charts
The agony can’t be named
I’m in sorrow for your pain
I hope that soon the healing starts

I must miss the bus to meet my fate

I miss the bus,I meet you while I wait
Your eyes glint like small sapphires in the sun
I drove a car but never found a gate

Is it merely chance or is it fate?
Is it serious, is it just some fun?
I must miss the bus to meet my mate

Where would I be if that bus ran late?
Is love or hate the right of everyman
I drove a car ,it blighted all my date

Shall I stay with you or emigrate
Need I be intestate as a nun?
I miss the bus,I meet you while I wait

Will you meet in a more lucid state?
Did my beauty curse or did it stun?
I moved a car ,I don’t exaggerate

I learned to speak despite my chewing gum
Free speech much traduced by rule of thumb
Love had introduced us in that wait
When my car lost heat I got a da

Yet deep in earth, worms silently repair

The Seasons

The season alters imperceptibly;
No point exact which demonstrates the turn.
Yet soon come changes which our eyes can see
Leaves dry and crack, the acers seem to burn.
And so it is with human beings too.
Each day our loved one looks the same to us
And yet the body alters like leaves do.
Small changes made with neither noise nor fuss
.We change into transparent ghosts of self
Thus totter down the avenue of life
Death approaches with its common stealth.
To separate the husband and the wife.
In winter all is black and we despair
Yet deep in earth, worms silently repair