oh,so smart

Please do not cry in A & E.We all get lonesome
If your phone is too mobile we will arrest it
We will copy your contacts so beware
It it’s too smart, we’ll stupify it
If it’s expensive, hide it as the doctor might be envious
Sorry,please do not die in A & E until in a cubicle.
Do come here if you are having a stroke.No, not of the dog
Ring 999 only if you are ill or a crime is being committed, or both
The police come quicker than the ambulance as their figures are too low.
Now the British are killing each other.Let them have a boat and hope they get to
a New Found Land.
We complain we can’t go to the theatre while people starve and sleep rough

The dead cannot come back

Art by Katherine

When once we walked with love along our track
Now I wander round an unknown plain
For you are gone and never can come back

There is no excitement, all seems flat
Yet on the earth it seems I must remain
When once we walked with love along our track

The death of lovers gives a mighty smack
The heart bursts open, wounded with its shame
For you are lost and never will come back

I hear your voice but see my home is wrecked
Only God can heal the cripples maimed
Oh,once we walked with love along our track

I wonder who the judge is, who inspects
Who will win and who will take the blame
For you are lost and never will come back

Like the unweaned babe we howl in pain
We bite our lips till blood runs down and stains
When once we walked with joy along our track
Now you are dead and I still feel the lack

As good as a wink

About gravity, he was specific
His research was attacked by a critic
So he went off to Mars
And opened the bars
The folk living there were illicit

The world feels both deadly and grave
Just keep on working, be brave
Unless you make bombs
Which is evil and wrong
You can’t wash guilt off when you bathe

Meanwhile we must eat and drink
The vodka is under the sink
You are a drip
Don’t give us lip
A nod is as good as a wink