As curves the sun

Remember standing, peering through the glass
Wondering why these people are well off
Admiring the fine shoes that women love
Later, after tragedy, the glass
Descended on me like a stoney mask
Remember living cut off from the mass
Yet in the suffering ,came that Heart above
That took me in and opened me to trust
Letting in emotions, feelings, love
Evoking through the rituals and the Mass
A Consecration deeper for my tasks
Remembering prayer, removing broken glass
As curves the sun, as flies the holy dove
Every human lives with change and loss
Suffering wounds when bare the heart for love
As we walk we see the ages past
Until we reach that Place we seek at last
No more staring through a darkened glass
No peering in the gloom, we meet our Love


Grey Black Scarf worn by Robert Pattinson as seen in Tenet

Woollen winter coats vary in price because some are made differently
[I feel too hot in padded coats]

Fewer buttons
“Wool” may be only 20%
Less decorative adornmentsb
No lining [ will do as a dressing gown]
In warmness they may be as good as more expensive coats as long as there is no wind to blow
the coat open [1 button] and you need a big scarf as the coat will have no button at the neck.
Funnel necks are really useful