Different points of view

The old red wall is dressed in stems of wood

In wintertime, we see the ancient bricks.

But in the springtime come the flower buds.

We see no more of  Jack Frost and his tricks.

Which vision is the true one, we may ask

Just as with the faces we each show.

But is there any virtue in that task

Reality is impossible to know.

Each perspective gives a vision new.

The more we see , the more we realize.

Other cultures have a different view.

The argument is futile and unwise.

As when and where we stand gives us our view.

l perceive life differently than you

2 thoughts on “Different points of view

  1. Tastefully, artfully expressed…..Indeed! Same ‘object’….different perspectives, different perceptions. Common aspects are apparent for those with ‘open minds’. 😉


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