When another dies, it’s we who’re gone.

Kindness,comfort,solace,arms held wide.

A tender hand that s gently strokes the  hair.

The Lord no longer with us does abide.

And leaves us to caress our own despair.

Independent,solo,  a real self

Can one be real without the hands of friends?

What is missing from our national health?

Who’ is with us ,who  does condescend?

Was said one time by a great  poet Donne

When another dies, it’s we who’re gone.

Seems long ago, God lost his only Son..

In suffering it made us all to one.

We cannot grow  in isolation cold.

Take my hand and we shall always hold

A savage beast is kinder than a man

The rose’s thorns are visible to all

The holly trees  can’t hide their prickly leaves

But what of us who   conceal our barbwired walls

And with a pleasant charm can then deceive?

You’re cut,you bleed, they say the fault’s not theirs.

And if you fall ,they leave you on the ground.

For they deny their weapons  and  their lures,.

Your agony,your cries and  screams resound;

So lions and tigers are less cruel than man

They can’t conceal their  claws and flashing teeth

To avoid them seems a wise and human plan

Their appetite’s not blunted by a leaf..

Thus a   savage beast is kinder than a man.

Who caresses  long  before he  points the gun

He eluded to his passed with wit devine

He eluded to his passed with wit devine.

He traveled on and  passed the perish all.

And when reel  tired he often  wood recline

If not he went out for a bawl.

This spelling tests the most astyoote  of mindes

Yet Shakespeare never spelt the same whey twice.

As well it’s often felt to be unkinde.

For being obsessive is, in truth, a vise.

But used we r to different methods now.

Texting changed the whey we all now rite

And even if we  learn the rules ,I vow

Writing onto laptops   makes me byte.

No more attack the witless for your pleasure

For  we have many skills which you must treasure


Butterflies can  light upon a rose

And sparrows miss the prickly holly leaf

So   thorns deter most  larger, useless foes

And safety bring to birds instead of grief.

The butterfly is symbol of the power

That weakness has in entering sacred ground.

A  butterfly can fly through hail stormed bowers

His wings send waves across the world by sound.

A cat too has its claws as well as fur

Yet they  do have a a modicum of choice.

For those of us for whom they have a care

Claws are held ; mioaws  or purrs given voice.

Am I a holly tree or  fragrant rose?

Am I the cat who may unsheath her claws?

Old roses and their thorns

Could  any be more frenemial then a rose

For as we reach to sniff its fragrant scent

It digs its thorns into  our hands and clothes

And tetanus is a menace where we’re rent.

And yet this flower is   judged to be the queen,

As fragrantly it opens in the sun.

And for a while, we enjoy what we’re seeing

Until its time and purposes are done.

May it be so for people whom we know?

The more they grace, more the harm  that’s done.

Attracted by a sweet and charming glow

Our heart  is torn and we then  beauty  shun .

And yet we would not banish flowers like these.

The pain is offset by the ways they please.

PS I invented the word frenemial based on the word frenemy which I posted on yesterday