Should someone tell the government that the Royal Family are mainly foreign genetically or does being English pass down through the mother?

Why anyway do we keep calling people foreign?We are lal foreign to someone!It’s a question of  our viewpoint.How about in the USA.Do they call each other foreign there?

I suppose we evolved to prefer our own families bit also that is where there is most violence.So love is not enough,in any case.Most of  us hate our nearest ones now and then.

Is it fair for the USA to start wars but not to help the victims caused by the collapsing states in the Middle East.Why don’t they take some of the  poor Syrians as well?I expect there are a good number already there and it’s a big country.

If you live in an all white English village and are terrified of Muslims,Jews,Roman Catholics and dogs how about moving to Alston in the Pennines.It’s the highest town in England and probably the coldest so it might not suit people from  a hotter climate..You go there and they can stay down here in the lowlands..BTW there are a few bulls roaming free in the Pennine Way!

The past has a task

York Minster Original photo  in York by my sister Eileen.


“The past has a task.As long as this task is not fulfilled,the past will,in spite of every control,appear in the sense of the unfulfilled talk.To be cured means to be able to move.”
“The past is not possession of a past time,the past is what it was,what it is, appearing now.
The past that is real,is real now.It’s being real in this way is not without meaning.The past plays a part;it has to fulfill an actual task for better or for worse.If the past has no task to fulfill,none at all, it will not be there.”
J H Van Den Berg
“A different existence.”


We are disgraced

Did God create us for the Shopping Mall

Or to ponder over weight and belly bold?

If he approached would humans hear his call

As prophets did  in mystic days of old?

Seeing God  or hearing  that small voice

May be possible no longer while we spend.

For we look for beauty  or advice on  what is choice

Instead of rosary,what else  might moderns hand?

Instead of tenderness, below, above

We hope to find love handcuffed on the rug.

And  promises are lost as well as vows.

Vibrating dildos  surround us  now like  bugs.

God has hidden for we are disgraced.

We forget  our lowness and his holy face


77be5-photo0383An apple bit by woman caused our grief

So ordinary yet an act of will.

To  think if she had merely bit the leaf

Sweet  holiness would surround each human still.

When Sylvia  bit  Ted  Hughes upon his cheek

She marked him for her future appetites.

Consciously she   looked for  kind love  sweet

But marked him more for  evil  in her rite.

Jonah was not bitten by the whale

Which let him hide inside her womb-like form

And so he was allowed in her to sail

Until his calling  hearkened him go home.

Biting wit and words can also cause much grief,

As caterpillars feast upon a  leaf..