Will irrational lovers drive us wild?

Oh,take me hold me,love me like you do

With kisses sweet commend me  to your heart

Love me like  a tea of finest brew.

Love me like a coxes pippin tart.

oh,dance  me,swing  me, let me feel alive.

And let me feel your melody anew.

We get what we desire yet don’t deserve.

When one  is made from  love between the two.

Oh. lend me your  maths textbooks for   a while

I love  irrational numbers like a child.

and transcendental  pies do me beguile

i  feel tonight  my numbers dancing wild.

So ambiguous is  my attitude to men

I wave and then I particle again

The selfish crowd

Lonely - Touching SpaceSome men are absent from their  heart and flesh

They  inhabit not their  feelings nor their breast

To dine with them is   never  what we wish

I’d rather eat with  genuine holy ghosts.

if we fail to enter into being;

With accident and trauma felt too soon

Or. with a mother tortured and unseeing,

We linger sadly, helpless as her moon.

Is it possible to come home to ourselves

When failure marked our earliest attempts?

Will   love spontaneous ever us dissolve?

When often forced back by our own dissent?

Will night’s darkness  be  more than a  death shroud

Covering  with its cloak the   selfish crowd?

Will without desire

As altruistic as a hunting wolf

As kind and caring as a starving rat.

Some he traps with words and some by stealth;

And some he gains by psychic aegrotat

his needs are great ,and stubbornly he looks

for women who might fill his vacant heart

Yet love comes down by grace and not by will

His lovers  be bohemian  yet smart.

He searches endlessly without much trust.

Unsure if he will recognise a mate

Into torment   former  loves are tossed

Ambivalent,uncertain,how to wait?

We cannot live by will without desire

For  old flames turn into a hellish fire.