In the land that dreams dwell in

In the land which dreams dwell in

where  creation,love and life begin;

where swiftly the deep rivers flow

from those lost lands of long ago.

I wander through wild poppy fields

Underfoot the dark earth yields….

I see the flowering fruit trees start

Their blossoms gather round my heart…

I hear the sparrows sing with joy

And bees their busy wings employ.

In those lost lands I saw your face

And so I longed for your embrace.

Earth to earth and ash to ash

Glory,pride and boasting pass.

Stay awhile,my dearest one

Soon I too will be called on.

Nothing lasts but truth is real

Keep to that and your ideals..

Earth to earth, we rest in clay

We must give all self away

Softly on this earth I roam

Seeking yet my love and home,

for until the very end

Love and kindnss may descend.

Soft as wings of butterflies

Tears well up and wet my eyes.

My heart has melted into yours

Thus we grow and die like flowers

Roses have their beauty and their wiles

Grass and daisies have no   spikes or thorns

So we can run barefoot across the  lawns.

So why do roses hurt  our hands forlorn

When sheep don’t hurt the shepherd as they’re shorn?

We could cut down the roses in our rage.

Their   own aggression might bring down their death.

Yet beauty in their form does love engage.

So we ignore their useless,painful wrath.

Recklessly we love a spiky friend.

Enchanted by their learning or their face

But wounds unneeded bring this to an end.

Patience thins ,we sever  this embrace.

Roses have a beauty that beguiles.

Yet do they need to harm us with their wiles?