But I know


Today,a picture post card  came here

from your sister

And you won’t see it.

I had  my hair restyled

And you won’t see it.

I bought a new kitchen bin with a green lid

And it opens when  one presses a button

And you won’t see it.

The manager in the coffee shop was sorry

to heat that

you have died

He gave me a free drink

and said to go in if I feel down or lost.

He said he liked you but you looked weak in the spring

And I can’t tell you.

I’ve had some roasted potatoes tonight.

You would have liked the

Mr Patel called and put his hand  on my shoulder.

He said to call  them any  time day or night if I am  in need

You did know that he came with food in the winter.

I look very pale now as my haemoglobin is  only half of the normal level

I am glad you don’t know about that.

i had blood tests yesterday,so maybe I’ll get more treatment soon.

I’m  happy you don’t know and also you’d miss my rosy cheeks.

I saw Alfred down the road mewing outside number 99 yesterday

it’sand today he came here and had some milk

so he’s not a stray cat and I can’t keep him.

you’d be disappointed for me…

I mended the headboard on the bed.

6390442_d0ac9b8051_s (1)

I have bought a new armchair which is bright red

andi  does not match anything else

And you would not like it.Probably..

Neither do I but I can’t wait any more.

I have got some new shoes too.

What a surprise!!

I still have your ashes at home.

I don’t suppose you know that.

But I know

I know.



My father knew me not or so he always says


Dr Adams was a very kind man

He never fried sprats when they were  soaked in jam

He apologised to the loaf when he cut the bread

And he wept many tears when his ants were found dead..

He was enamoured of spiders because he liked their webs

And even let them build one between his middle ribs.

He loved his wife and allowed  her to be free

So she met a jolly sailor and they went out to sea.

Suddenly he realised,  altruism’s bad

Unless it’s given to  those who really are quite sad.

So he  made a resolution to be a bit more stern

And gave up putting dinner out for   the  earthworms.

He met a kind fair lady and he began to hope

She would marry him and raise some antelopes.

He said she must be free but not quite totally;

Loving other men was not  permitted,you see?

Some  folk can live with a marriage and affairs

Some men even  keep many concubines and  bears.

But he and his new lady decided to be chaste

As loving any other folk was a sorry waste..

They had many off spring of whom I am one

I look like the  pussy cat when all is said and done..

And I like  being groomed and sitting on folks’ knees

Think whate’er you like but it’s fun running up trees.

My father was black and my mother is white

So I am rather grey ,except in a good light.

I have many patches in different shades of grey

I only wish my whiskers didn’t look like hay.

I am hoping to marry when the corn and barley’s ripe

Oh,what fun we’ll have in the middle of the night.

Too many miles to go


Image by Katherine using Microsoft Paint

Feeling the sadness in my heart
and in my arms a tender feeling
as if the flesh is calling out;
My breath’s coming in gasps and
my throat makes a murmur
as if trying to speak.

Sensitive skin on my inner arms yelps
and my heart aches like
I’ve run too many miles .
My legs feel strong
My mouth is dry and my back
needs an arm around it
for protection.
My eyes are wet with the moisture
that might have made saliva.

My cat died
And then my other cat died.