Your love,like the blaze of a sun
Warmed me…
Your arms,like sturdy branches
Held me.d
Your eyes, like greem pools,
Entranced me.
Your lips,tender and fierce
Seduced me.
One day,your love turned to fire
and burned me.
your arms were weapons
with which to strike me.
Your eyes, now jealous,
pursued me.
Your lips,now bared like an attacking lion’s
Bit into my flesh like a demon
And the hot sun became the fire of hell
Wanting to destroy me.

Come live with me

Come live with me and be my helpmeet now

I’ll share my only bed with you  and how!

If you let me love you

I’ll darn your old gloves 4 you..

If you  come and meet me brow to brow.

Come live with me and teach me all you know

About poetic licence and Soho

I’ll mend your vacuum cleaner

And  learn expressions  meaner.

How cheerfully the hours to come will go,

Come live with me and  be my lover true

Without one,how will we ever do?

I’ll set up model railways

And learn the Jewish weekdays

Come live with me  and I will sweep your flue.

Come live with me in Norway on a fjord

I’ll  mend my Canon powershot  if I’m bored.

I’ll watch the flowers growing

And then we must be sowing.

How happy Wittgenstein’d be if he’d  knowed.


7483299_f260Where e’er there’s loam,cool dudes will plant their feet

Goodbye ,my glove, forever.I’ll never buy another you.

Socks in last year’s theme derided.

Fail who abhor the swings of Rawmayshing.

Some her,my love? What her?Oh,her.Ooh,her!

Raise   and hold the wings  of Bevin.For we won’t see him no more.

Scarlet women,for their hair.

God never made those little green nipples.

Where the crew sucks,planes don’t fly

Build me a pillow haven by your gate,

Do sue or not to sue.That creates tension.

My mind is filled with love and also with transcendental. irrational and plain non-vulgar numbers. by the infinity aleph null at least.

Are figures always   better than deeds?

The entire class of pupils who sat the exam does not intersect with the set of those who have gained a pass in mathematics 101.In brief,you’ve all failed. and Venn diagrams can soften the blow.Never heard of them?Feeling scared of them.Go and find another double of you,W.

Logic cannot prove  bread.

Yeast can invade your comb.Then we call it dandruff.So if you are making bread,now is your opportunity….

The heart can misrule all but the fool.For he has persisted in hos folly.

Delilah  cut my hair too.

Moses saw a  burning dish.Was it King Alfred’s cakes?I have never mastered history and fates.

Why where there so many doors in Babylon?

Why does God roast people and not potatoes?

A force,a force, my quink’s gone   and I’m hoarse.

Why did Henry 8th not admit he was an illegal immigrant illegitimately descended from  one of the louses of Lancashire such as John of Gaunt? I mean,telling lies is a sin is it not? What is not a sin,nowadays?See three blind mice.