Cracked shall be the golden bowl

Soul making is a phrase from Keats.{ link to article by Jeffrey C. Johnson in Paris Review]

We saw Wolf Hall on TV recently and it is so wonderful.I am just writing down a few  of my thoughts not  about that but about Anne Boleyn… I meant it to be funny but I could n’t manage that after seeing the play.


Anne Boleyn withheld to win
As Henry lusted in his sin.

Once a virgin,sweet Madonna;
Henry turned in rage on her.

She bore him but one living child,
For her quips,she was reviled.

Henry knew not the fault was his
It seems the king had syphilis.

Or Anne was rhesus negative
then just her first born child would live.

We women make our worst mistake
When power for love we wrongly take

Our strength lasts but till we submit.
We need less love and far more wit.

Whatever lusty men may say,
their “love” dies when they get their way.

And they will take their wife by force
As cannons pound on oaken doors.

As for women,we must not
Promise gold we have not got.

Conception is a game of chance;
We come to be by happenstance.

we sin in pride in promising
What only God or Nature bring.

We deceive and trick and charm
At last our hearts bang in alarm

The man who begged upon his knees
Chops off our heads when we displease.

For Emperors and Kings and Lords
Wield fearful power by the sword.

Yet when for judgement they shall stand
How will point the knowing hand?

And just like us they’ll ashen be
When true majesty they see.

Into dust and crumbled ruin
they will go by their own doings.

Each day create with grace your soul.
Cracked shall be the golden bowl.

Keats wrote this extract below [read all by clicking on soul above[ and he died when aged  only 25 years:

I will call the world a School instituted for the purpose of teaching little children to read—I will call the human heart the horn Book used in that School—and I will call the Child able to read, the Soul made from that school and its hornbook. Do you not see how necessary a World of Pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul? A Place where the heart must feel and suffer in a thousand diverse ways!

Put down at a meal:Reflections

Photo0320 Photo0316 Photo0315ReceApple tree and sunshine

Recently  I was invited to a meal with someone who used to live near me.Unfortunately, despite this being meant to help me during my mourning period she came out with some very wounding remarks.I only mention one here

She has never seen my blog but she did tell me once my poems are no good.Well, at the table ,as we ate she told me  that men would only come to my blog to pleasure themselves whilst looking at my .photo.I was dumbstruck.She made other crude remarks about men.She seems to have a low opinion of them.

I don’t mind if people think poorly of my poems because I know which ones are good.And some are not as good.But I am not sitting an exam in poetry writing.I do it because I love doing it and because I could do it while nursing my poor husband for so long.

And I have met some really nice people here as well and seen what a wealth of creative talent there is in many people which they can use to do their photography, write poetry or write about whatever topics they enjoy, from describing their home cities to cookery and philosophy.

I  believe this “lady”  is mistaken.But as I  feel more vulnerable while I grieve I am going to be more choosy about whom I interact with in the real world.And I’d say  you to do the same.Don’t go to visit people  when you are grieving unless you know they are kindly disposed towards you.And when you are bereaved be careful as some people use it as an excuse to visit you or take you out but it’s not for your sake, in fact.I feel this lady is herself sexually attracted to me.

He failed his interview?

Why did Jesus walk on water?

Because He had no shoes!

Why did Jesus drink wine?

Because it had turned into water.

Does God watch us all the time?

Only if we are paranoid.

Why did Jesus not wear grey flannel trousers?

Because he failed his interview at the Bank.

Why did Jesus carry a ladder?

So he could Ascend to heaven.

Why did Jesus have no credit cards?

He had enough already!

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