Please keep your seats upright

Please leave the Church when the bull springs.


Please keep off the yawns till done

Please sleep in your own ruins tonight

Please deceive the women mindfully/

No men followed her dogs sailing

Men must  lift their  gnats as a sign of universal politeness

Please do not lust after sinning.

Please always leave the seat up so the cat can wee by itself.

Please swish your hands after using the glue.

Please develop a sense of amendment.

Please stup making ale those typos and be snore loke me.. perfect ,all boast/.

Does still power really not exist?

We all need a tortoise for  our life.

Life’s unworthy of our evil plays

My New Year Resolution  has resolved,revolved, and dissolved.

No sex until you join the union.

You must pass a beast before driving in the UK

The Government seem cleverly confused over child poverty

Do men love hugging women?

Free blank cheques for billionaires given out daily.

I just can’t scalp it.

Do you leak any languages  properly?

Protect your mattress,Sleep on the door.

Why not hang yourself tonight?

She kept men in the wardrobe and clothes on the floor.

As if on stalks

I’d like to have a sausage for my tea

I’d like a roast potato and some greens

You can share my portion for a fee.

Or bring along some tender runner beans.

I know my  home is modest but it’s mine

My headboard broke off during a cold night.

Of what despair may that  be a   dim sign?

My hope of mending  myself is very slight.

Still I’ll  make a date with you today

Shall we eat our meal with knives and forks?

Chopsticks are de trop,what do you say?

Your eyes are following me as if on stalks.

Some days I feel I should not rhyme  again.

But better that than dwell on  long dead men