As if on stalks

I’d like to have a sausage for my tea

I’d like a roast potato and some greens

You can share my portion for a fee.

Or bring along some tender runner beans.

I know my  home is modest but it’s mine

My headboard broke off during a cold night.

Of what despair may that  be a   dim sign?

My hope of mending  myself is very slight.

Still I’ll  make a date with you today

Shall we eat our meal with knives and forks?

Chopsticks are de trop,what do you say?

Your eyes are following me as if on stalks.

Some days I feel I should not rhyme  again.

But better that than dwell on  long dead men

2 thoughts on “As if on stalks

    1. It has been broken and gone downwards for a year..I can’t get the energy to examine it… no doubt the entire bed will have to be replaced as mending it might cost more…odd how these trivia full our time as we get older.Thanks and hope you have good dreams… how amazing these dreams can be compared to ordinary life.:)xx

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