May you reach the promised land

I have loved you and I’ve held you.

Many years,you have been mine;

If the time has come for parting

Let us embrace for one last time.

You  must know you have to leave me,

Though you desired a longer stay.

Let me hold you in my arms now

For  tonight and  one  more day.

Then I’ll watch you travel on,love.

We  take this last step all alone.

I’ll be here beside you watching.

I shall feel when you are gone.

May you accept, may you surrender.

 May you reach the promised land.

Into this earth my tears will fall, love,

As I recall your tender hands.

Time of richness

Tomatoes ripen on the stem;
Apples hang down low.
Summer riches now and then.
From seeds that once I sowed.

Plant your seeds with care and grace.
Nurture them with love.
Put them in where you have space,
As rain falls from above.

Slowly, and in their own right time,
They will manifest
The form with which they were endowed.
Richness comes at last.

Time for sowing,time for birth
Time for love of life.
Time to scatter seeds abroad.
Time to end our strife.

Terminus is not English to me.

Do you know how many words English uses?

And often these words may confuse us.

Some are from Greek

Pardonez moi,did I speak?

And Latin is the root of snob-buses.

Terminus  is not English to me.

Mea culpa,I’m a Catholic ,you see.

Yet we  pray Kyrie

In the Mass every day

Eleison,jubilation’s the key

How do you  understand me?

I am trying to see how to be

A useful yet modest

Doctor of non-bodies.

So please take your minds off that tree.

This is not Eden you know.

Despite the fact apple  trees grow.

Rhubarb grows too

And the Lord was a Jew.

And where He went, we  all  must go.

I am speaking in symbols,of course.

I don’t wish to cause you remorse.

But by our sins we are  punished,

We  either grow or diminish.

Dynamic’s   just ecstatic  on a horse.

Dropped his aitch

My vocabulary is getting obese.

New words are devoured  at life’s feast

But what is sufficient

Or indeed beneficient?

I think my mind needs more grease.

As you see I invent my own words.

To  the foreign  they may seem absurd.

But  our society is free,

So the politicians tell me.

Yet inconvenience is often incurred.

Esperanto never lighted my flame.

It’s the classics teacher whom  I blame

For I liked ancient tongues

And never went wrong

Except in learning to spell  people’s names.

Youclid is the one I refer to.

And Sockratease cause me despair too.

Plato is  easier.

Parmenides is teasier.

‘Arry Stottle  dropped his aitch,and proved fair,too!

Like a jewel

I once had a boyfriend called Dan

Who owned a large copper pan.

He served  eggs in glue

As the aspic had flu

Copper  pans  beat before  Dan began.

When serving a group or a mass,

Let all the niceties pass.

Pasta is fine

With sauces divine.

Desserts are  best served in glass.

When  cats desire and long  to join in

Explain that mice don’t come in tins

And as for the joint

Roast up to a point

If burned,well,that is not a sin,

For sin is not based on our deeds

But from evil motives proceeds.

Were our intentions

Without fear or pretension?

Sin ignores  neighbours  real needs.

Yet  often we act or speak cruel.

Which  makes our souls look like fools

We need to  reflect

 Before the true facts

Then life   shines out bright like a jewel

Darting in exquisite geometry

How white and blue together recollect us
to the summer sky and the imagined swallows
darting in exquisite geometry
under the great domed space of the heavens,
like the Basilica in Constantinople
containing and giving space.
And how I held you for a moment that was infinite
and then you were gone like an angel fearing enchantment
into some finite boundaried world