The comfort of another’s kindly glance

The solace of a writer”s l voice.

These may arrive as if    by chance.

To be responsive   is in part our  choice.

Some days our shell is closed,  and all rebuts.

Not even  loving arms   or lips are felt.

So little on this earth will bring comfort

Until  this hardness wants itself to melt.

Be wary as  it may not  yet be  time

Far better hide until right days are born.

To let our soul reject the dagger fine.

We  needs respect a fear of  ruinous scorn.

Though  isolated,lost, uncertain we  may feel,

These  dream wrought symbols make the soul to heal

Worn teddy bears


I try to feel through dark and distant space
To where you dwell in a far off  “heavenly” place.
And you are far from those of us, who care.
Our hearts are dulled with loving thoughts not shared
Your absence has so distanced us in grief.
We can neither share our loss, nor gain relief.
I  watch  the star filled sky  in lonelt silent night
And see a space almost devoid of light.
I feel into the edges of my soul
I sense,somewhere, a  brokenness once whole.
Would   a  powerful  modern  telescope aid my view,
As I search  this aching world for a ttrace of you?
How would one  vanish  deep in  silent night,
And so forever  tehn be  missing from my sight?
I wish that I’d been there when you went off,
I could have expressed , through touch,my heartfelt love.
Shall I never hear your gentle tenor voice
Enchanting me once more with your sweet choice?
Shall I not  even  find the laces from your shoes,
Floating gently back to earth through these  elm trees?
I see more flocks of gracious geese flash by.
Are those your fingers tracing lines across the sky?
Do you too see these geese from up above?
But you’re on the other side, too far from love.
And even with the very new best technology
There’s no way back now , so you won’t ever be
With us again,Goodbye,Goodbye Goodbye
I’ll turn away my tear filled  reddened eyes,
And look at all that’s near,as I’m still here.
I know now you’re too far away ,too far away, too far away ,my dear.
I know now that you’re too far away,my dear.
How can we learn to live with love, not fear,
As we go on ,now, down these coming years?
So sad that you’re not near,not here,not here,my dear.
Shall I sometimes, in the night pretend, you’re  near,?
Oh,that heaven were not  so meanly set so far

And earth not feel so barren from despair
We must slide down the escape chute of the years,
Like children clutching at worn teddy bears.

A limerick or two

Cats on the hill Does

Does “Euripides”rhyme with” bad knees”?

Does obesity cause one to sneeze?

These questions oppress me

As they really test me

So answer me now,if you please.

Do you listen to 100 best tunes?

Do you like reading riddles or runes?

I prefer novels

When I feel a wobble.

So I’m off to the librrary soon.