The music takes me

garden 2

Our music is a late Beethoven string quartet.
Although I can’t see you,I know
You are listening; the arcitecture of my heart
Is structured round this form
alone.I sit here dreaming,hearing the bows
as they tenderly cause vibrations
sending the song of love through the air;
as also do the strong yet gentle bells ringing
on the collars of goats on a far away mountain.
I know it’s your music; I heard it
when I first looked into your  eyes
and knew who you might be.
A pebble is tossed languidly into a lake
yet ripples spread out across the world.
Such deliverances as we find will only
link us further,as we dance,the elegant dance
of the knowingly brave
who never give in,
but will always keep in step with the world
as it turns around and whirls past flashing silver stars
until its time has come.
Yet the music we create remains for ever
floating through the air,
like perfume of these late roses
as I walk down the garden
into the intolerable green newness of this tangled wood,
which startles me with its violent wistfulness.
Oh,come now…I hear your footstep on the road.
It’s the wind sighing eloquently,
knowing you have gone away
into the dark and the deep.where new life is formed
and I wait for you,fierce yet kind, with tender love.
I offer my heart to the world
and this music takes me.

I don’t like that they rhyme with onions

tiff infomation
tiff infomation

Doctor,doctor, it’s my bunions.

Why,what’s wrong with your bunions?

I don’t like that they rhyme with onions

Try boiling them  not rhyming with them

What ,boiling my poems?What would I put on my blog?

I am getting irritated now.

Did you know it’s a symptom of pernicious anaemia,sometimes?

Been on wikipedia again,have we.

I know more than you,doctor.

Is knowing it any help.?

Well it might increase one’s tolerance of other’s moods.

That is the rub.How do you know when a mood is caused by a bodily  malfunction or by some emotional upset ?

I think it exaggerates what is there  naturally to an intolerable level so we begin to go mad.

And if you were mad already would it make you go normal?

Of course not.It would make you even madder.

Well,anyway I have to go  now.

So do I.It’s those prunes.

Do they have  iron in them?

Only if you press them.

So about bunions…did Mussolini have them?


I just wondered.

It’s wondering that causes all your problems.

Well it gives me an  interest.

I wonder why we all want an interest..

Now you are doing it as well

it must be catching.

Cheerio then.I’m going to the bathroom

Aren’t we all?

I don’t understand you.

Me neither.



Look out, not in, and find salvation there - Reference - Pigments

Now therapy usurps the place of faith

And into our own minds we’re told to delve

Whatever we now think , we have to say it

In that way Freud thinks we find a  truer self.

The therapist is like a looking glass

They   just reflect whatever we have bared.

But if we look to long,it comes to pass

That Satan and his devils are prepared.

They may enchant us  into false self love

To value pride  and then deceive  our souls;

Yet  to  humble people comes the  holy dove

And self forgetting is what makes us whole.

Confused,alarmed and  reckless with  despair

Look out, not in,  and find salvation  there

o u

With my mind,I thee wed

  • Doctor,I think I have got my head screwed on the wrong way.
    Did nobody tell you it is a bayonet fitting? How sad.

    Doctor,I have lost my mind.
    Then who is speaking?

    Doctor I really have lost my mind.
    I’ll write you a prescription.
    What for?
    It’s a new drug.It will stop you caring you have lost your mind.
    But is that right?
    No,but it’s easier than re-minding you.

    Doctor,I feel very blue this morning.
    Well,you look like a ripe peach.
    What’s the use of that?
    I could pluck you.
    Buy a guitar and pluck that!
    Are you always like this?
    I don’t know,I have lost my mind.
    We found one in the waiting room.
    Can I have it?
    Suppose it’s not yours?
    Well,any mind is better than none….
    False….who would want Hitler’s mind?
    I see what you scream.
    Thank you very clutch.

Another way,a place,another mind

From   time and place  and  season I am  lost,

Disorientated ,missing  tracks well worn

Do not suppose I’m unaware of cost

Nor label me with epithets of scorn

For usual paths lead to the  usual place

The safest way to live and perhaps to die

But wandering through the woods  I find new space

and in the  wild flowers  with the fox I lie.

Through  dark trees, i see a way to go

as narrow as a slit in pallid stone

This is my destined way, I seem to know

and courage rises even as I moan.

Remember when we’re lost ,we  may then find

Another way,a place,another mind


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