See you

Lots off love

Good bye  for the remnants

I have fun out of ideas

i’ll write next shriek as you shall

i don’t like to emit this

I must shop now.


Ode to annoy

See your dilator

See your tune.

See your moons.

See your plater

Yours wincerely… ouch

Yours fadingly

Forever lined.


How’s your shoe?

How’s your heartless murmur?

He loved my sins and tumour.

I write my own ruins.

God be with you

With blots on love.

Sans theorie,alors.

God by and by.

He loves me not so it’s rough.

I beg your jargon,my feat


Pen me the weights is here

Richard the surd and his algebraic horologies

William the bonkerer ate a chess nut

Dishabilished , viewed her?

Richard the lion’s tart. were they married?

Edward the  sheavenst of Horn

Victoria, the Temptress of India.

By George,the wicks! Candles on view.

Eleanor of auqa planes was a wife to fear

It was a mugger and his ass

With this ring I thee bed.i beg your jargon.What did you play?

The water’s side,I cannot fuss.I can walk on it.

Wire lambs and radios

our home

Silence emboldens.
See red ,sweet maid,I bet you’re very clever.
He looks as bold as he seems
He feels me very touching
Thank you very much for the poetry ironer.
So is this a good mien…
Some clotheads insult me without even gnawing.
He broke up with her as all the windows in his house fell in when he made love on Sundays.
But surely it was an act of God; he was trying to reap moles on the Sabbath.
And he shot a chicken when it tried to cross the road.
He was deficient in elasticity….he needs a rubber soul…………………. and a tin heart
She has Mall a la tete.
I have ’em all a ma tete.Wire lambs

Days for losing


Some days are days for losing
Some days are days for losing

Some days are days for finding
Mobile phones and patience.
Some days are days for finding
New friends and old relations.

Some days I feel at sea for hours,
Some days I feel so lost.
Some days I know that life’s worthwhile
Whatever the emotional cost.

Days are special units
In the journey we call life.
Days are short so don’t waste time
In needless haste or strife.