What causes cognitive decline: it’s not all dementia


Since dementia only accounts for 41% of cognitive decline then the rest of it is caused by factors which you can improve by for example exercise going for a walk also you can can you use your brain more by trying to learn a new language or like chess learn how to do arithmetic faster. That’s useful in the supermarket to estimate how much money spending as you walk around, learn to cook something different don’t always eat the same things go to the same places use the same routes to get somewhere try to do some of these differently at least once a week because otherwise your mind seems to get into a rut.

Even if you have got dementia you can still improve your brain because 60% of the cognitive decline is not due to dementia.

I have observed that someone with dementia will have worse symptoms if they are very anxious. I promised to see somebody and then I had to go to the hospital. When I contacted her later she was much worse than usual. She accused me of having a letter which said I was not going to see her. But as soon as I said I am here I’ve been to the hospital and I couldn’t phone you.

Immediately to return to her normal condition and we were able to have a talk and

I read her my poems that she liked about Essex and burning the stubble

She flattered me where’s her comments and tell me I should not keep my poetry for my own secret joy I should publish it.

And then she use the phrase my own secret joy which seems to be is definitely not a cliché but something original which she had this sort of most of her mind was fine

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