You must not covet your neighbor’s partner

Abraham Isaac and Jacob were the three sons of God. Then god thought that three was too many so he let them die and then he just had Jesus sometime later it wasn’t really later for God because God is eternal and there is no time when he said it to so they all existed at the same time innocence because there was no time

Already discussed Moses and the fact that he was an eruption. No one has ever found the volcano but it could happen again and when Moses comes again which mountain will you go up to find the new commandments? To

I don’t think that you will want to go up Helvellyn. Snowden will be too cold for him I think Orrest head Windermere will be about the right place. We are not a strong as the ancient Israelites because they spent 40 years in the desert and that would have kept them very fit we spent 40 years in front of the computer or a television and my legs where’s the way why fingers get bigger and bigger and your eyes ar as big as

fried eggs.

What will the new commandments be when your neighbour doesn’t have a wife or husbandmm?

Coveting a partner does not seem serious

If people don’t believe in God the they won’t see one or even tree

But I think tm that you must not restart a computer on the 7th day

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