Keep doing it and strengthen your ego

Even if your poetry is not good compared to what the great writers have done it is still very useful to write it because it will make you much more involved when you read a poem when you have  written some  yourself. The same thing is true of art and I’m saying that while looking at a painting I did last week. If you can go to some drawing classes will be a big help and also it stops you from giving up if you’re in the tasa 2-hours you can’t just go home so you keep trying and eventually you find you couldn’t draw something a bit better. I had not realised consciously about Shadows being important and I think that’s why I didn’t like the thing is I had drawn or painted earlier.

When you look at some of the paintings of the great artist it may seem presumptuous 2 to compare yourself to them but it it helps you because you’re wondering how they it also it’s not about reproducing what you think you see in front of you it’s about looking at it with different eyes you laugh and we think we see something certainly yes that’s a pottery with a lampshade over it

But it’s not about thinking it’s about seeing and feeling especially about space and I like that because I like to draw two or three things together and I can feel the pull of one thing on another so it’s the space between them that’s important and it can arouse deep feelings and it might be frightening.

Real life is not about thinking it’s about experiencing and feelings and then possibly thinking.

Of course you do you have to think a lot in real life.

If you say that you will do something but the next day you waking up feeling very low spirits and I’m not going to do it it’s a good idea to say to yourself

I have said I will do this thing and I don’t feel like it at the moment I’m not going to break my promise and I will do it as well as I can 

. In psycho analytic terms doing this will strengthen your ego.

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