No to mysticism

I had the opposite of a mystical experience.

Like the ancient mystics I spent a great deal of time alone because I was grieving for someone who felt they could no longer live

I felt cut off from human beings and I probably was giving off a message keep away from me I’m in pain.

One night I was all alone in my bed sitter feeling absolutely dreadful I know I did see something unusual although it was not embodied I knew that it could communicate with me and it gave me a message: go back into society and do your work.

It did not say meditate everyday in silence was a good idea I think that if god or something wholly other wants to communicate with us they will sometimes but I’ve never experienced anything like that before and it did not tell me to pray or do anything at all except go back into society

Since then I realise it although I like to spend some time alone every day we are participants in society if we are fortunate enough to have friends or family or partners neighbours people we meet at the bus stop the bus drivers the supermarket staff. Even cats or dogs. Is there is an afterlife then we may very well meet God until then we have to live in human society. Has been quite difficult for the last 3 years and had a very bad effect being cut off from our usual contacts but even writing to people or phoning them can be very good

Why people enter the monastery or spent their life walled into a cell by the side of the Cathedral I don’t know could it be that they were shy? It is better than earning a living for some people

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