Do nothing

Mrs Smith said tobme that she was dead nd I said my hearing is very bad but I can see you

How long have you been dead.

According to my watch about 10 minutes.

You won’t need a watch where you’re going

. Your English teacher is here and she says stop using cliches

If she is dead why does it matter to her?

It’s simply bad to use a clichĂ© whether dead or alive.

Is it were alive that would not be a cliche.

That’s really good I never thought of that before.

I hope you will think of it after. Though not for too long

I hope the needlework teacher is not there yeah because I never did become confident with a sewing machine

In that case you could have done needlework instead of making clothes for example embroidery or you could have learnt crochet.

I prefer doing nothing at all.

Well you must be dead

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