Theological ministeps

I can’t deny that God resists

Why would God care if I worshipped the moon?

Why did God stop feeding the 5000?

Who was Galilee?

Was Galilee a friend of Jesus?

And who gave her the sea?

If God gave exactly ten commandments was it because He knew that we will want to go decimal eventually?

If not do the Israelites have a fondness for the number 10 Inot why not? Answer in short paragraph please

If I break a commandment can it be mended?

If I break them all do I get a prize?

Is it adultery if I have an affair with someone who is civilly united with their partner

If not, is that unfair? If adultery is a sin should itch not be open to everybody?

Where in Israel was the valley of the dolls?

Is choosing wallpaper on the syllabus at Oxford? If not should Boris Johnson be given a fellowship or the professorship of poetry?

Why does Oxford have two rivers when Cambridge ¹ only has one?

What kind of feelings are im bedded in mathematics?

Is poetry logical?

How do you keep the shoe polish?

I welcome comments and criticism

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