I don’t know what you mean

He rowed all over Oxford on his bike.

The sheepdog helped him tree to drive his car into the garage then they were satisfied.

He said he was tired of making love everyday. Why was it not longer-lasting?

You make it here you make it there ! Yeah make that love just anywhere

While he was writing your thesis you took me out on a punt. But how did the viva go?

Here is a draught of my thesis. I expect you rather have a fan.

I couldn’t understand a word I wrote but I passed the oral examination very well once I knew which room it was in. It’s called the Oxford bypass.

I have had Dirac removed in a similar operation to what they do for brain tumours and I have the whole of my head to prove it!

I’ve never even heard of relativistic quantum theory.

They aadon’t like poetry in Oxford especially not in the mathematics instituteaaaa

I dropped them a few hints but they could not even read between the lines.

It was very exacting but in the end I escaped.

After my husband comes home it looks as if a flock of sheep has passed through and indeed there are reports of flocks of sheep passing through houses in this area but they are ghosts and don’t leave any evidence. My husband is a ghost as well I saw him here in bed with me 3 weeks ago. He was very hot but he was fast asleep wearing some blue and white soft cotton pyjamas. It must have been home and find them all by himself

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