The link between money and mental health – Mind

These are some common ways money can affect your mental health:

  • Certain situations might trigger feelings of anxiety and panic, like opening envelopes or attending a benefits assessment.
  • Worrying about money can lead to sleep problems.
  • You might not be able to afford the things you need to stay well. This might be housing, food, water, heating, or treatments like medication and therapy. See our information on what to do if you can’t afford the things you need.
  • Money problems can affect your social life and relationships. You might feel lonely or isolated, or like you can’t afford to do the things you want to.

3 thoughts on “The link between money and mental health – Mind

    1. Thank you Michael of course the pole suffered the most and I most likely to get mental illnesses though anybody can get them. Apps for stopping spending money on things ukm we don’t absolutely need that can be very difficult when we are under stress.
      We must help each other every time

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