Rules and regulations made simpler

Patients must not share beds ,food,relatives or looks.Jokes shared from 5 to 6 pm daily

Books may be shared unless they are infectious.In that case kindly boil them in hot soapy water before lending out.

Please do not laugh while the consultant is here.She only wears miniskirts to cut her laundry bill.

Please do not ask for permits to visir Kentucky Fried Chicken  Cafe whilst a patient  here.

Remember your dignity and kindly avoid wetting the floor by visiting the toilet every hour on the hour… or on the dot

Courtesy is welcome.Four letter words are punishable by cold tea in the morning.

Free dictionaries are available if you want to enlarge your vocabulary whilst recovering from our errors.

Please do not play board  games at night.

No sex of any kind is allowed unless you pay for it.

Reproduction is not allowed either whether free or purchased off  line

I welcome comments and criticism

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