What I am giving up


SPBF2_20160615Washing my hair with  washing machine detergent.
Using colourless shoe  polish instead of face cream.
Using frozen strawberries  to color my lips.
Reading Sylvia Plath in bed.
Cutting my hair  with the pinking sheers in summer.
Eating the cat’s biscuits.
Drinking tea from a beer tankard while reading the News.
Drinking beer in  the bath.
Forgetting I am older than I was.
Having 67 handbags .
Having 54 mobile phones all on PAYG.
Polishing my nails.
Reading newspapers.
Ironing  my bra.
Wearing a bra.
Wearing underwear in summer.
Going paddling  in the sea with my frock tucked up my knicker legs.
Drinking tea from a flask instead of going  to a cafe.
Cooking real food.
Adopting stray cats.
Adopting  another man.
Marrying again.
Talcum powder.
Fly spray.
Hair spray.
Infinity and how many types there are.
Going to church.
Singing  in the street free of charge.
Groaning when my knees hurt.
Sitting on Waterstone’s stairs as they have no chair downstairs.
Wearing lovely coats because I have to sit in daft places now they have no benches anywhere.

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