Save more money

My art

If you don’t wear clothes you save the cost see if z

Stay in bed all day so you feel hot by moo

The central heating bust I have no fire

How can you prove that you are not a liar ?

To tell the truth I have got no idea.

Telling lies is hard does not inspire

I have no idea that is a fact

What use is belief unless you act ?

If we start from zero we go up.

I don’t much like your arguments please stop.

Are you a wimp ir are you quite insane?

I have no other mind let that be plain.

I wish that I could see inside your head.

Since I can’t why don’t we go to bed?

Alright we’ll go to bed I love you dear.

Once there was a different atmosphere

You madebyou wishes very very clear

Can it be love when you don’t like their smell?

I have never thought for long can’t tell

It’s not romantic what would Plato say ?

Do they sell his book free on eBay?

Nothing ever comes to us quite free

Be observant with alacrity

No I did not know he was a Jew

I almost married one or more that’s true

Was he happy was he kind please tell.

I feel so guilty take me to my cell

You have had no trial and no defence

The judge in honour showed me deference.

He only showed it did not tell the way.

If you want to know you have to pay.

We can go to classes in the night

Lack of sleep the bestows it’s own delights

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