Do not try cocaine

My boss won’t believe I am in intensive care, what can I say?

If you were in intensive care you would not be able to write email

Let me tell you you my story

2 I told my boss I had a new heart condition.

Who who invented this one?He said

Prinzmetal I informed him

.What a funny name he responded.

Well it didn’t make me laugh when I looked it up.

Why not?

Because it’s usually caused by snorting cocaine I haven’t even tried it.

Well that’s lucky or you might be dead.

You’re so clever doctor. Thank you very much

2 thoughts on “Do not try cocaine

  1. A friend of mine had consumed cocaine, the weekend before we had a long march during our military service. He broke down with ventricular fibrillation. The best was, he thought it only has been caused by the additional whiskey he had consumed. ;-/ xx Michael

  2. Michael that’s very dangerous It makes people feel good but it’s not worth it especially if you can get a heart attack from it. Finding out how to live well is more worthwhile than buyingban easy high.

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