Be more frugal plus

If you are retired and able to walk about you could visit your public library more than once a week and you can read the newspapers the Guardian and the Times. You can also read the Guardian free online the Guardian is £2.50 per day and at the weekend this is £3.50 a day I think that comes to £19.50 a week which is £80 per 4 weeks

0r £1040;a year is my mental arithmetic is correct

That is quite a lot of money so if you are are fearing ⁵ a problem as a food prices increase and the cost of heating your house or flat rises dramatically have a look at your subscriptions or or the bills from your newsagent

Cancelling your newspaper could help you you to pay for your gas and electricity although I know that those people in that position I’ve probably already stop buying newspapers

You can also read magazines in the library although if everyone starts doing this

There might be a queue in the library.

while you are in the library you will get warm because public buildings are usually quite hot and also you can make use of the toilet thus saving on your own water bill If

If your water bill is very high consider letting your children pass water in the garden.


T{here is a problem though they need to know that you can’t urinate in public unless you are absolutely desperate. Since public toilets have been closed if there’s a problem for some people to even go out. Perhaps we ought to urinate in public places to show the government what it’s like living in this society.

and also we must remember if we stay out a long time in the town that will will be tempted to have coffee every day and and coffee is no longer cheap.

But it is pleasant to have coffee out so we will have to decide how many times a week we can have it. Inviting a friend to join us once a week could make it into a social occasion rather than j having a meal out so it would be saving money in a way because affording food out is going to be very hard for many families and individuals in the coming winter.

What is vital for one person may not matter to another. I know I read the Guardian online and save money like that.

how would you to save money ?

there’s not a lot that’s essential especially in clothimg once we have acquired a winter coat and a raincoat, a decent pair of shoes a pair of trousers and jeans and a skirt maybe a few tops. I like clothes but I tried to buy expensive clothes in a sale so I don’t need any though no I might buy scarf.

I like knittimg but the wool is really expensive. I decided I couldn’t do it much.


it’s not easy for everyone to afford and that is why why many people buy from very cheap shops and then if it wears out they get a new one. That is not very good for the Earth.

I lived for 7 years on a student grant does it seem ok then because my family was poor so I know that you can live on much less money but at that time it was the electric meter with the pound coin that stole my money

Waking up in the morning was cruel in the winter but on the other hand there was a church nearby with a wonderful jumble sale and so I acquired a few good things that way.

it will be quite hard for other people to go back to go back to such a lifestyle it will help us to empathise with the poor

I wore the same woollen skirt in the winter all those years.

If you believe the poor are lazy look government statistics in the library or on your computer.

not everyone can become a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher. And if some people rise other people must fall unless it economy is it’s expandinanyone can be the Prime Minister.,,.. why do we have such bad ones

and many of the members of Parliament have a very little wisdom or true intelligence and understanding what it is like to be poor.

I am very angry the government decided to only give child benefit for 2 children because it will increase the number of abortions take place.

whatever the reasonThat is legal but is it a good thing if the parents have a good relationship and want to have three children even though they are shortnof money is it right to force into abortion?

Even a wanted abortion is no fun.

And sex is fun and free if you have a partner.

Some peopl have sex with lots of other people like it is said President John f Kennedy did

Especially better than watching Neighbours on the television every night

And if the child is born it is a child that will suffer from the poverty of the family as a whole. Just cause we all want to pay less income tax even if it means that some women will have abortions when they didn’t really want to. This might affect their mental health and there’s already a very long waiting list for therapy or to see a psychiatrist. It seems this government will stop at nothing to lower income tax

Sadly there is no incentive for the the rich to find out what it is like living on a very low income. That should be done in school. And maybe there was stop moaning about paying tax

Why is it only being talked about now when the middle class fair they won’t be able to use central heating when for many years the poorer have struggled.

it seems to imply t he e poor don’t matter!

And that is how they feel.

I think a lot of the people in the government are very egocentric.

and some of them are psychopaths.

oh I think I will leave it there.

I welcome comments and criticism

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