Mary realised her voice was louder than most when people took out their hearing aids when she talked to them

But was she right?

There are alternatives explanations such as people were not interested in Wittgenstein but in the cost of living

She did find her booming voice useful when phoning doctors,

Why had her voice got louder as she aged? Could her doctor have given her testosterone instead of oestrogen?

Off she went to meet her doctor on Zoom

Oh,my God her GP shouted.

When you said you were an 85 year old mathematician I assumed you were a man but your voice was feminine hence I gave you male hor.mones to deepen it and make it more authoriative

Why don’t you change your gender ? he continued

I don’t feel like a màñ

How do you know how men feel ?

They have felt me in bed with an urgency that surprised me

If you tell them you are trans they won’t feel you anymore

Unless they are gay

And so say all of us

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