Grass like silk

In daisied fields sweet grasses grow
Down these green fields,I know,I know.
In unploughedy fields where wild flowers blow
We’ll meet again,I Iove you so.
It was in the first soft summer light
I saw you standing by my side
I saw you by the drystone wall.
I never doubted you at all.

When meadows bright all bloom again
I know we’ll see you coming then..
in sunny fields where wildflowers hide
I’ll know my love is by my side.

Oh,come dear heart,do not delay..
We are not long till in the clay.
I’ll stand upon the grassy hill

Give up desire and my own will

When flowering buds all open wide
When bees to poppies swiftly glide.
When your dear heart is pressed to mine
Our eyes will melt and souls combine.

Oh,where are you,my dearest one?
All too soon our lives are gone
I gaze across the fields and hills.
As sunset-sky with flames is filled.

When buttercups and celandine
Beckon to me in my dreams.
When apple blossom fills the tree
I believe with love I’ll see.I’ll see.