I dream into your mind

I wish I were at Whitby by your side
From the Abbey Steps we saw the.whole
The sound of gulls aswirling round our minds

The atmosphere of Yorkshire blunt and kind
Salty air,the North Sea,winds that groan
I wish I were at Whitby by your side

See the children taking donkey rides
The fishermen look anxious , happy, worn,
The sound of gulls is swirling round my mind

From Saltburn,Staithes to Bempton bold cliffs rise
Then Bridlingon where Hockney was a boy
I wish I were at any by your side

The two weeks break seemed long when we arrived
Now all my past seems like an old map torn
The sound of gulls is calling you to mind

To be in Whitby and to be alone
The pie shop’s open yet I feel forlorn
I wish we were at Whitby side by side
The sun and air, I dream into your mind

My phone doesn’t mind

By Katherine with Microsoft Paint

Mary had a good sleep and after waking stretched like a cat, slowly and long

She phoned Annie.

Who is this,Annie asked?

It’s me Mary.
You don’t sound like Mary

Don’t you store numbers on your phone.

I have enough storage problems without keeping numbers.My wardrobes are packed

You don’t need a wardrobe, they are stored on the phone

Well the phone is too small to put much into it and I can’t see a little door to open

Good grief! Don’t you know the phone has a memory?

Don’t tell me they have brains

So do they have minds? What will they think of me after hearing what I say? j hope they can’t speak

For goodness sake get back into bed and get out on the other side.i don’t need all this in the morning.

Tough.You can’t control me.