Getting on, mother

The late Alfred

How to open boxes when your fingers are weak
How to read letters when your eyes can’t focus at any distance
How to apologise for actions you could not help
How not to scream in the night when you don’t remember who you are or where
How to sleep alone when the cat dies and you can’t walk a dog or even walk at all
How to decide whether to tell anybody these things
Or whether they’re better off without knowing
Or even without you
And you have no gun anyway
You don’t even know how to load one.
Then the sun shines early in the morning
The birds sing with pure amazement
And then you start singing too
In a squeaky voice
And the handyman grins
And everything is alright, really
In some fundamental sense
As it always was
But you didn’t register it
You buy some tools for the disabled
And a stand for the kettle
A radio for the demented
Just to keep ahead of the game
We spend 6 months of our life
Looking for lost items
Give everything away
If anyone wants it.
Resign yourself to loss
Feel good with emptiness
And let the light shine in
Say hello to someone
Or pray .
Its a one way journey every day