Blades of grass and sheep

Photo by Rachel Claire on

A dead sheep, drowned, was washed up on the sands
Not treasure from the deep brought to the land
We came to Morecambe Bay for time and peace
Noone can escape from unfelt grief

The Arnside Knott had given me new views
As if it were that green hill were Christ mused
I saw the Langdale Pikes, now small and far
Affecting me, their pulling like a star

Sheep can’t safely graze on Salisbury Plain
The Army tests it weapons there these days
Man and Nature do not see the need
For slow creation, not excessive speed

Every blade of grass is trodden down
Not symbols of creation nor its crown

That optimism

Well I’m sorry you have cancer but look on the bright side

Your weight is ideal now

By Katherine

For what?

I see you have got thinner.How did you manage it?

I had a nervous breakdown.

So it did you a will live longer

Unless you get run over by a car container.

Your train crashes

A burglar attacks you

You go for a walk on the M25

You ride a bike down the North Circular midday

You get a gas leak at night

Your toddler gets hold of the Carving knife.

You date psychopaths

You are homeless

You are too poor to eat well.

You have been entertaining suicidal thoughts

You die rescuing a child from

a burning house

You are hit by slates from a roof in a storm worse than any since 1987