Making shapes

Should we write in form to make a shape
Or let our minds run free, associate?
Such tangled webs within the mind are draped

Oh, to run as free as antelopes
But from sharp tigers noone will escape
Can we control , disarm within a shape?

Love’s enacted falsely , making rape
Inside our hearts shall we recover hope?
Such tangled webs the curtained mind creates

Round the marbled minds we half dazed traipse
Wherever we go hunting, we’re too late
Can we control our fear within a shape?

Collapsing faith cracks , can we concentrate
Or from the deal , do we dissociate?
Such tangled webs of mind make ripe our hate

Now sex compels but will can’t procreate
Can kindness smile and friendship instigate?
Should we write in form when we love shape?
Our mingled maps of mind might alter fate


He’s the type who hits himself on the head with a large wine bottle and then complains abour flying glass.

He’s the sort who swears at women when he’s happy and swears at them when he’s angry.And when he’s depressed he curses at himself which is much worse.

So I said to him,you need a change and he hit ME on the head with an empty bottle and complained t about the splinters getting in his heart.

So I said,you don’t need to break the bottle,just take the cork out.Then he said I was too bold and bright for a woman.

So I laid him on the bed and took out his splinters with my tweezers.
I stitched him up completely…he’ll be fine in a few weeks time when the cuts are all healed.
Meanwhile he’s resting in the cat’s basket.And the cat is in bed with me.Well,I thought he was a cat at first…turns out to be my ex… he still had a door key.
He said,what’s going on?There’sa man in a casket.
I said,No, he’s in a basket…

So he said,how big is your cat.
I showed him a photo.
That’s no cat it’s a cheetah,he informed me.
Just like you,I said naughtily
So he took the fence and ran away too sea…I hope it floats.
He ought to join the navy but he wore bottle green.
Why are bottle green,I wonder
And I l ike blue glass though not in shards.
So now the cat sleeps in a cot with its kittens… and feeds them all on demand and me as well.

That’s a saving gr

I’m I’m stuttering

My doodle

I’m so shy I wear a colander over my mask.

I’m so shy I met my husband on line then married online

We are not sure whether we can have sex on line.

I am so shy I did not breast feed my child.I had IVF as my husband has HIV

Now we hope to meet as his sperm don’t like being posted online.

I am so shy I never have a bath naked .

I am so shy my startle reflex gave me angina

What use is fight or flight when you are having a heart attack?

I am so shy I wear an eye mask and a face mask. But I can hear you.

Why don’t they make head masks?