At the very edge of human sight
Places we don’t go till in despair
Love is waiting like a golden light

The world in panic, will the virus bite?
Noone ever said this world is fair
At the very edge of human sight

Is there really danger of such might,
Where our hidden fears emerged dark ,bare
Love is fading where’s the sun, the light?

Panic like a virus can ignite
Responses that are worse than germs out there
At the very rim of human sight

Our defences that are usually adroit
Now lie like dead young soldiers unrepaired
Love is fading to a weaker light

The still,small voice is quieter than a bird
The storm is passing by, will it be heard?
At the very edge of human sight
Love is dying,looks like candlelight

In the box again

My child, have you no sins of humour?

What is a mortal sin? The opposite of an immortal sin.

What is a venial sin?.It is a sin committed by snakes.

Do they choose to have venom?

Do we choose to have sex hormones ?

Do you have a firm purpose of amendment?

When I am elected President,yes

Scruples are a sin.If you did not aspire to be perfect you would not have àny.

My husband has a rubber face

Art by Katherine

My husband has a rubber face,
He’s a member of the human race.
Some men have faces fixed and set;
My husband’s face is not like that.

He imitates our politicians,
Just like Rory Bremner can.
Though he has no wig or hair piece,
He can look like anyone.

Some nights I waken for I'm laughing
While I am quite sound asleep.
I am dreaming of his mobile features,
Contorted to a different shape.

He is skilled at telling jokes.
And he loves a good cartoon.
If I am suffering flu type blueness
He can get me well again.

He has a rather noble visage.
He gets attention he abhors.
In the bar on King’s Cross Station—
I was asked was he a Lord!

He’s a Lord of Fun and Humour.
He’s a Lord at Listening Well.
He’s unique, but so are you,
And all creatures that on earth do dwell

British people comfort yourselves

You won’t have to pay a heating bill when you are dead

The currency in heaven is love not power.

Shops are hot so take a folding chair and sit down to read the paper.

How does Hell stay hot?

Is it fair?

Once you go you can’t come back

So be patient and wise.Go to the library instead

Why not read pornography to get hotter?

It might be free!

Be like a child.Get a skipping rope.

Get some balls and crack your own nuts.Only if you have a cracker

Pretend it’s Nov 5th and have a bonfire.

Not wise if you have no yard or garden.

You can collect wood to burn or why not get rid of your furniture?

Get another cat and let them sleep with you.Mine woke me up milking my hair.


The fearful truth

Yiddish spoken here my love my dear

You must know I’m nearly always here

But human love cannot wipe out all fear

For fantasies of monsters with cruel leers

Simplify the structures of the world

Exonerate the leaders who have failed

Say it’s just the Jews who are to blame

Jesus was a Jew who called us home

Can any State succeed without the whole?

Can human love be bought by force alone?

Force destroys the trust of every soul.

Where is the answer, where the care that molds?

Yiddish was destroyed when noone spoke

In defence of Jews and other folk

For the Yiddish speakers met their death

Evil rose up with neglected breath

We must not read the News nor be distressed

Listen to the humble, then confess

Emile goes to the shop

Mary had ordered all of her groceries but she forgot to put tea. on the list So she sent Emile to the corner shop with a note tied to his collar
Please give the bearer your best tea.
Emile went off and managed to get into the shop after some children who were getting sweets with their pocket money or debit cards
He went up to the counter and mewed,Mother has sent you a note.
One of the children laughed
Is your mother a girlfriend of Mr Kumar?
No, she is not,Emile growled with a loud throbbing voice
Mr Kumar led Emile behind the counter into his living room and spoke to his wife
She asked Emile to sit down as she went into the kitchen and poured him some tea from her China teapot
.Do you want it on a saucer, she enquired thoughtfully?
Yes, please,said Emile.This is very kind.
He leaped onto the rug and began sipping the Ceylon tea.This makes a change, he murmured.
I didn’t know you could just walk in and get free tea!
After a few minutes the shop door crashed open and he heard Mary’s voice
Oh,Mr Kumar,I am so stupid.I sent Emile out to buy some Twinings tea and he has not come home!What shall we do? She started crying and dabbing her eyes with Stan’s hanky.
Come through, he whispered politely.Do not weep,dear.All is well
Mary came in and saw Emile drinking his tea and winking at Mrs Kumar.
Emile, you stupid cat.I was going crazy worrying.I’ll strangle you!
Is it my fault, he replied.I only gave them that note you sent.
But is it not obvious what I intended? she said plaintively
These days you never know, the cat muttered.I try to be obedient as far as I can.
Mrs Kumar came out and gave Mary a cup of tea.
Sit down,dear.Worry is so bad for you.Why did you not phone us?
Since it was just a packet of tea I thought Emile could carry it.He is very intelligent normally.
Yes,I am, thought Emile as he looked at Maisie, the Kumar’s lovely cat who was asleep on a chair.
I wonder if I can waken her up, he asked himself.
Does she drink tea?
Would she like to start a family.It’s not too late for me to become a parent.
Maisie opened her eyes
What’s that cat doing here?
I onlt came for the tea,Emile told her.But you look very beautiful.Shall we meet tonight
I’m washing my fur, she told him with a smile
How about tomorrow?
Have you got a phone?
No, he said,I’ll just caterwaul at 9 pm and if you are free I’ll be under the red maple tree waiting for you
Good grief,thought Mary.
This cat is very cunning.Just one chance and he is making the most of it.
Mr Kumar gave her some tea and she wandered home in a daze after asking them for a drink on Sunday.
My social life is looking up but there’s noone who will hug me any more
Well Emile would but his legs are too short!

I should have bought a donkey instead.

Or in addition.I am lonely without Stan

The poetry of love

Mike Flemming copyright

The words don’t matter but the rhythm does
Verbal music gratifies the mind
Nonsense can be poetry and love

The sun is setting , where’s the turtle dove?
Music dances though it’s writ on lines
The words don’t matter but the rhythm does

I like Jabberwocky just because
It makes me learn the value of design
Nonsense can be poetry with love

Looking at the stars we see above
The moon is silver like a silent sigh
The words don’t matter but the meaning does

Now I eat my meal,I miss my dove
I hum and sing as I eat my pork pie
Nonsense can be poetry,my love

Bring the glasses, bring the oldest wine
All must share the music,it’s divine
The words don’t matter but the rhythm does
Nonsense is the poetry of love