An other bother

My doctor loves me when it’s a fine day

My doctor loves me when I’m far away.

He likes to do my blood pressure so much

He ran to me when I was in our church.

I said,oh go away and wait your turn

Some men are so very slow to learn

He stood behind me listening to me breathe

I asked him once again if he would leave.

He whispered little nothings in my ear

In a church it’s bad for men to leer.

So now I am an atheist at home

The Pope’s unhappy

Let him stay in Rome

When the Pope’s a lady I might change

In religion I enjoy free rang




Though the berry’s rich and sweet
As are its siblings from bright flowers
The old blackbird disdains to eat

Like a human in defeat
Paralysed, inert for hours
Though their life is rich and sweet.

From outer life, they now retreat
Yet the mind has purpose, power
So the dark bird will not eat.

The conscious mind in its conceit
Thinks it’s all and then will cower
Sad, since life is clear and sweet.

Still, within my heart will beat
And petals decorative shower
Oh, the dark bird will not eat.

All around, mature trees tower
Yet the human world’s impure
While the berries are still sweet
The old blackbird, in hate, won’t eat

The Guardian

More than 30 children still trapped in Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant, says mayor

The mayor of the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol said there was heavy fighting at the Azovstal steel works where the city’s last defenders and some civilians are holding out, Reuters reports.

Contact has been lost with the Ukrainian fighters still in the Azovstal steel plant, where more than 30 children are among those still awaiting evacuation, mayor says