My watercolour love


Though our colours mingled, the earliest remain.
Two watercolor paintings without frames,
Became one picture over time,
Yet two of us still there.
Our colours blended naturally,
Now all the hues are shared.

I love your colours flowing into mine:
Together they have made a new design.
A Watercolor painted by the rain;
We shall go, but our Watercolor Love will still remain

Inner wealth

Picasso birthday card

What’s the point of talking to yourself.

If noone listens then go somewhere else

You must listen too or it’s not fair

Equal acts demand a proper share.

Giving and receiving balance well.

Else the talking takes us all to Hell.

Hell is other people Sartre said

Was he referring to his life in bed?

I would not consent to give myself

To a man without some inner wealth

I don’t mind the paucity of dress

Still a jacket must not me distress.

I’d like to steal one for the pocket space.

Women’s clothes are often a disgrace


My own photo

I have no love left in my heart today
and neither do I wish to talk or pray
for I am feeling psycho in my mood
So here I search and that’s the way I brewed
Soaking is a wasteful stupid act
Light rumination ,I think  truly daft
Better far to cast the burden down
And go to see a film about a clown

Now I can’t unravel my own mind

Is God no longer able to design?

Proofs by Thomas did not enlighten me

I asked for help with this but I cannot see